How do you care for caudex plants?

You may have come across them in the rare plant world, caudex plants. Unique specimens that have almost equally unique care instructions. Before you buy a caudex, it is important that you know how to care for it. Of course, we will gladly help you with that. This blog tells you exactly how to care for these plant pearls.


Bad luck, leaves gone

Rare amigos and amigas such as Stephania Erecta, Adenium “Ansu” Baobab or Phyllantus Mirabilis require different care from other houseplants. These tuberous plants are known to cycle throughout the year. In autumn, this plant actually goes into hibernation and the leaves die. But if you follow these instructions properly, the leaves will simply grow back in spring!


How much water should I water?

Make sure the potting soil dries out completely between watering sessions. In mid-spring and summer, these caudex species deserve watering once every fortnight. Once the leaves start to dry out towards autumn, you only need to water them once a month. When you start to see leaves again in spring, quietly start watering once every fortnight again.

Note! It’s better to water these plants too little than too much. This is because these caudex plants store water in their stems, so they can sing out for a while with that reservoir. Too much water will cause their roots to rot and that’s the end of the rare houseplant fun.


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