Does your green heart always start beating faster when the flower bulbs finally pop their heads above the ground? After a long winter, it is often the sign of approaching spring. Unfortunately, flowering always comes to an end. And then what? Can you just leave the spent flower bulbs in the ground until next year? You can read about it here.

Spring bulbs
You plant spring bulbs in the autumn before the new garden season, preferably between September and December and before the first night frost. If the soil is too wet, it is better to wait. Otherwise, the bulbs may rot.

Not all spring bulbs bloom at the same time, of course. If you take this into account and plant several bulbs, you will have a long period of color in your border or flower pot. To find out which bulb flowers when, click here.

Summer flowering bulbs
Summer-flowering bulbs, such as the calla and dahlia, should be planted in May, when the risk of night frost has passed. These bulbs need warmth to grow, so make sure you do not plant them too deep in the ground. The summer flowers come up from July onwards and with a bit of luck they will provide fireworks in the garden until October.

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